St. Vincent & The Grenadines Online Travel Guide

Patrick Chevailler
Oil paintings - Limited editions - Mural Tiles "I use both my own diving experience (now assisted by a digital camera with housing) and a lot of various documentation about fishes, corals, sponges ... for details.

CÚcile Comblen
Born in Belgium and studied art in Canada, CÚcile uses water based color mediums, watercolors and acrylic. This bright, unique style of her abstract art can be found internationally.

Nzimbu Browne
This self-trained artist uses carefully selected fibres from banana trees. He roams the islands in search of his medium. He uses dried banana leaves of different shades and colors for his collages. His unique style should not be missed!

Carol Nicklaus
She was handed a digital camera not long ago and off she went compiling brilliant images from around the islands. She captures the wonders of the exotic West Indies.

Julie Savage Lea
Vibrant in color using water colors and acrylic, Julie's paintings reflect the essence of the beauty of these majestic "Gems".

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