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Travel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an archipelago of more than 32 islands and cays, each with its own tantalizing attractions. Nature lovers find a paradise on the main settlement, St. Vincent, with its lush beauty and wonderful gardens. The other small islands that make up the parish known as the Grenadines will dazzle those seeking some glamour and glitz, with many luxury resorts and white, sandy beaches. Find an adventure everywhere you go!

Enjoy the quietude and friendly environment of St. Vincent, especially at Georgetown and Kingston, the two main towns. Stay at a lovely beachside bed and breakfast or hotel while visiting some of the other islands by ferry as a daytrip. Brilliantly colored marine life flourishes in the surrounding waters and a long, continuous reef surrounds St. Vincent, making splendid dive spots for scuba divers of all skill levels. If you feel adventurous, take a hike up La Soufrière, St. Vincent's active volcano. Bird-watchers stay on the lookout during the climb for the rare St. Vincent parrot and the whistling warbler. For nature lovers, Montreal Gardens houses 7.5 acres of stunning plants and flowers including ginger lilies and birds of paradise. The Botanic Gardens in Kingston, the oldest botanic gardens of the Caribbean, presents its own 20 acres of tropical plants, including trees two centuries old.

Visit Bequia, the largest of the Grenadines and covered in green hills and gold sand. The St. Vincent ferry takes you straight to Port Elizabeth, the capital of the Grenadines. Browse the open-air market for handcrafted souvenirs and fresh food. Buy one of the amazing hand-painted model ships, one of Bequia's specialties. Enjoy some great windsurfing and snorkeling at Friendship Bay, which stays mostly un-crowded. For a real eye-opener, travel to Moonhole, the unique and fascinating villa crafted entirely out of natural rock formations at the west side of Bequia.

Vacation at the luxury resorts and spas Canouan offers. If you enjoy golf, the 18-hole championship golf course on this island reigns as one of the best in the Caribbean. Nearby Mayreau, at only 1.5 square miles, presents some of the most beautiful beaches in this area and no crowds whatsoever. Waters here stay calm and clear, perfect for some sailing, swimming, or snorkeling. Mustique and Petite St. Vincent remain private islands, but have some gorgeous beaches and upscale resorts, where celebrities spend their vacations.

To the east, the Tobago Cays give you some of the best snorkeling in the area, the seabed bejeweled with sponges and coral formations of all colors. The pristine waters make for excellent underwater sight-seeing, so much that the travel awards 2006 honored St Vincent and the Grenadines as the Diving Island of the Year. Only minutes away, Mt. Tabol soars 1,000 feet high on Union Island, a popular and bustling anchorage full of beachside bars and restaurants.

Have the time of your life, either sunning on the beaches of Mayreau, shopping for bargains on Bequia, or traversing the formidable La Soufrière on St. Vincent. Travel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a fantastic holiday without a single dull moment!

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